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Not so long ago, I’ve decided to move from Windows to Arch for both my office and home PCs.


Because i loved Elixir so much and it works much better and easier on linux.

Why arch?

Two reasons:

  1. It’s a rolling release, means i always can use latest version of software unlike Debian.
  2. AUR man. B) AUR ROCKS!!!

You mean Debian is bad?

Absolutely not, Debian is perfect choice for servers. Indeed debian is super robust!

It just limits you as a home user.

Tell me more

I’ve finally managed to get arch up and running after three failures thanks to Nvidia’s lack of support for linux. It was my mistake to install proprietary drivers. Everything was OK with open sourced drivers provided by community.

My station setup for both home and work has two 21.6 monitors. When i first learnt about Night-shift i was using Windows. Back in windows everything was nicely handled with f.lux. But flux lack good user interface in linux. after searching just a bit i found Redshift it is really nice. it lacks users interface but seriously a linux user wont need that, will they?

Everything was fine with Redshift even it does fake brightness adjustment BUT my problem was when i wanted to turn Redshift off at nights, it would also turn off brightness settings. So I’ve made a script to have two presets and even adjust brightness by fractions like f.lux.

The script is available here:

Just remember to change DVI-I- 1 or 2 with your display port names.

You can find them by running xrandr -q command.

Thank you for reading

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