Nanopi Neo Housing

1490014210891 NanoPi NEO Housing So in the last post Nanopi Neo as Webserver i came up to idea of serving on a NanoPi Neo small arm based computer.

The latest things that i struggled with was:

  • Housing
  • Heatsync
  • Static IP

About the heatsync, I found an old asus mainboard which had a tiny heatsync near it’s south bridge. It fit perfectly. Even i used some thermal paste on back of board for better heat flow.

But about the housing… Things got out of hand. Seriously out of hand!

First i wanted to outsource printing of the normal NanoPi Neo housing (Since i cannot buy it from my location) But…

I really wanted a 3D printer for long time! Maybe buy one?

No shit! They’re really expensive and out of my budget.

So after some researching around 3D printers i ended up reading “Super Cheap 3D Printer From CD-Rom Drives”. Of course it is not going to be in any good shape or quality bit it can bdo the job i think.

So this is the reason for the delay of serving my blog on a NanoPi NEO board.

Thank you for reading this.

T{:okT, :cheers!}T

Written on March 20, 2017