Jalaali calendar for Elixir

jalaali package version 0.2 is released for Elixir.

It offers a new module Jalaali.Calendar which is an implementation of elixir’s Calendar module.

With the help of this module, it is possible now to convert DateTimes to each other easily by using DateTime.convert or Date.convert functions.

Long story short

The previous version of jalaali was a mess! really.

It just provided functions to users for converting from/to ISO calendar.

The most annoying thing was it actually did not change the calendar property in a Date/DateTime struct.

Even if it did it wouldn’t be a useful feature cause conversion was not possible throw Elixir < 1.5

So after a very long talk in the community about this which you can read here use of day number + day fraction was chosen to implement. This decision has made elixir one of rare languages with a very very very strong native calendar system.

It’s been a while since elixir 1.5.x was released and I’ve been really excited about adapting my jalaali library with the new Calendar system in elixir.

At first, I thought it may take me several days to make that happen, BUT surprisingly it was so easy that it only took me less than 5 hours (including tests and documentations) and jalaali 0.2 is now published.

I really liked it and may try adapting other calendar systems for elixir as well just for fun.

BTW, I will be happy if you take a look at jalaali github.com/jalaali/elixir-jalaali and maybe star it?

Thank you for reading.

Written on September 21, 2017